Where Are You Located?

I work out of a shop in East Nashville called Electric Hand Tattoo. 

913 Gallatin Ave, Nashville, TN 37206

Are You Appointment Only?

I take walk-ins a lot while I'm at my own shop. if you are specifically seeking me out however, I would highly suggest booking an appointment with me so you don't show up and I am unavailable at the time. If you are trying to chance a walk-in, I am in the shop:

  • Monday- Thursday 1pm-7pm
  • Friday 1pm-4pm

feel free to call the shop to check my availability: 615-678-7289

Whats Your Policy On Deposits?

The deposit is $100. It is non-refundable and comes off your last session of your tattoo. If you need to reschedule I will gladly roll your deposit to your new time. Please reschedule within 48 hours of your appointment or you will need to place another deposit to reschedule. No shows and day of cancelations will lose your deposit all together.  A lot of work goes into setting up and preparing for an appointment. Taking a deposit gives us security to begin work and gives me more assurance that a client is serious. Deposits for out of state projects also help me to pay for travel costs to get me to you.

What Payments Do You Except?

Cash is king, but I do except all forms of  debit and credit card with a 3% surcharge.

When paying a deposit I can except a few additional payments:

Vegan Tattoos, Thats A Thing Right?

Yes it is! I make sure that every aspect of my tattooing is as vegan as possible. Many people are only concerned with making sure their inks are vegan, but there are actually a few things that need to be assured are vegan as well. Below is a list of items that may not be vegan in other artists tattoo procedures.

  • Tattoo Ink
  • Stencil Paper
  • Razors
  • Soap
  • Ointments

What Styles Are You Comfortable With?

The style I am most comfortable with would be my own style, which is an updated version of American Traditional. I am however well rounded and will take on most appointments of many different styles including animal portraits and most black and grey. Be cautioned however, the further your piece gets away from my style and creative flow, the further outside my expertise we get.

 I am not at this time, nor in the foreseeable future taking on color realism.

If I'm Under 18 Can My Guardian Sign For Me?

In Tennessee you must be 18 to receive a tattoo regardless of parental consent.

As a personal choice, I will still require you to be 18 for a tattoo even if I am visiting a state that allows underage tattooing.